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About Capital Quarry Materials

From the biggest industrial construction project to the smallest flower bed laid with new top soil, every project always comes down to the materials you use. That's why Capital Quarry is committed to bringing you the quality products you need. We're proud to be a key component in the success of so many projects and landscapes around the State of Connecticut.

Who we are

Capital Quarry is an independent, local family business, staffed by people who are experts in our products and passionate about providing you with the highest quality service level.

What we offer

- Landscaping materials: top soil, mulch, and decorative stone

- Construction materials: sand and stone suitable for concrete

- Contractor materials: sand and soil to fill in around pipes, septic tanks, and more

 Fast and reliable delivery service.

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Browse our site to learn more about our services and products, or to see pictures of our past work and our materials in finalized projects! For pricing and to learn more about our special deals, call us!

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